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Automating Your Research For You


Mission Statement

We work with research laboratories to develop the hardware and software solutions they need to answer their modern scientific questions. These tools cost a fraction of our competitors because we focus on function and utility by using common lab parts. Once the tools are developed, we will continue to provide training and support services for our customers. Our projects begin the moment we are contracted by a research laboratory and do not end until a paper is published in an academic journal using the tools developed. Following initial publication the equipment developed will be published to the research community as open-source projects to maximize impact.

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About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers with years of experience in the natural sciences. We engineer custom solutions for our clients so they can focus on their research and scientific questions.

Our team of engineers have a broad range of talents -- everything from hardware design to software development. That's how we create the most suitable solutions for your research needs.



What You Need

Customized Training Systems

Automated Laboratory Equipment

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